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About SK Group

It has been more than 12 years since our company has started working for You in the mixed feed milling stock market. OOO “Gefest i K” started its activity in 2002, after that the following companies were created – OOO “Sibirskaya Kormovaya Kompaniya”, OOO “TradeAgro”, OOO “Spetsagroprom”, OOO “Sibirskaya Sakharnaya Kompaniya”, then a group of companies was formed – SK Group.

In our work we are oriented on attracting a wide range of partners: both large industrial and agricultural enterprises, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises from trade sphere.

We provide poultry farms, livestock enterprises, pig-breeding complexes with mixed feed stock.

A lot of the largest enterprises in the Urals, Siberia and the Far East, which are representing various sectors of agriculture, collaborate with us.

Our main principles are the speed and timeliness of deliveries, individual approach to each customer, flexible schemes of cooperation.

Well-established long-term and strong partnerships with major manufacturers also allow us to perform deliveries to the whole territory of the Russian Federation. We hope our website will help You to learn more about the activities of the Group of Companies SK Group and will be a source of useful information.

Our products
  • Sunflower meal
  • Soybean meal
  • Oil press cake
  • Grain
  • Oilseeds
  • Amino acids
  • Sugar

The holding company’s structure
OOO «Gefest i K»
The company was founded in 2002. It started its activity with the supply of extracted sunflower seed oil produced in the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Western Siberia market. At this moment it is the oldest enterprise of our group and its main direction is foreign trade.
OOO «Sibirskaya Kormovaya Kompaniya»
The company was founded in 2005. At the moment it performs extracted oil, amino acids and vitamins deliveries to Siberia and Far East markets.
OOO «TradeAgro»
OOO “TradeAgro” was founded on the base of OOO “Sibirskaya Kormovaya Kompaniya” and OOO “Gefest i K” in 2011, it was created specifically for expanding the market region of extracted oil and amino acids. OOO “TradeAgro” focuses on European and Ural regions.
ООО «Spetsagroprom»
Performs the supply of grain crops across the territory of the Customs Union.
OOO «Sibirskaya Sakharnaya Kompaniya»
Sibirskaya Sakharnaya Kompaniya is an affiliate of OOO «Sibirskaya Kormovaya Kompaniya» in Novosibirsk.

Our sales are focused both on the Russian market and foreign customers. In ten years of dynamic development OOO «Sibirskaya Kormovaya Kompaniya» has become one of the largest feed traders in Russian market. Sugar line has always been one of the most important branches of our group. The company cooperates with leading sugar manufacturers, supplies products to more than a half of Russian regions. Due to organized system of work, customer support and individual approach to their needs we were able to win the trust and favor of consumers.

Currently there are the largest regional wholesalers, as well as leading enterprises of the confectionery industry of Russia among the permanent partners of Siberian Sugar Company. We also receive and consider your wishes for the shipment from specific sugar factories.
SK Group partners
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Tel: +7 (383) 223-44-07, 223-44-20, 223-44-23

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